Insights from recruitment fairs

Our team had a busy few months attending recruitment fairs in Switzerland and the UK. Our mission was to shine a spotlight on the captivating realm of medical writing and to establish nspm as the destination for emerging talents in the field. We set out to inspire and transform the enthusiasm of the participants into high-quality applications for our medical writer positions, and leave a lasting impression of the exciting world of medcomms.

Our booths attracted hundreds of visitors, intrigued about medical writing and nspm. We immersed ourselves in meaningful conversations, painting a picture of the daily life of a medical writer, and bringing the nspm narrative to life by sharing our values, opportunities, culture and work ethic. We learned what is important to these new and recent graduates looking to put their scientific curiosity to good use in an exciting and rewarding career. Here are our insights:

Academic skills that translate perfectly to industry impact

One of our key takeaways from these events is the need to do more to promote medcomms as a dynamic and fulfilling career choice. We found that many recent graduates are not fully aware of what the role of a medical writer entails, the variety of work and experience it offers and how the skills they have gained during their studies apply perfectly to medcomms.

The ability to undertake thorough research, analyse and interpret complex data is core to a medical writer’s role, as are critical thinking and time management, all skills that are honed during a PhD. Writing is, of course, a core aspect of the role, and one which is crucial in crafting accurate, informative and engaging medical and scientific content.

But the core message for an aspiring medical writer is that they will have the opportunity to work on so many different projects, across therapeutic areas, and importantly, contribute to the development and dissemination of medical information that has a tangible impact on clinical practice and patient care.

Yes to flexible work arrangements

Another important finding was the value that new graduates place on flexible work arrangements, for work-life wellbeing. As a company, we are all about creating a supportive and inclusive work environment, with a healthy mix of remote working and valuable face-to-face time to catch up in person with colleagues in the office. We pride ourselves on creating a culture where our employees can thrive and achieve their full potential.

A company culture that lives its values

Finally, we learned that new graduates place great importance on company culture, one grounded in strong values and with a cohesive and motivated team. They want to work for a company that not only talks the talk but that walks the walk.

Our culture is defined by our values. Every team member’s voice is valued, ideas are encouraged to flourish, and diversity is celebrated. We prioritise creating a supportive and dynamic workplace where individuals can thrive and grow professionally. We are proud of our commitment to our values and will continue to ensure that they are reflected in everything we do.

Our experiences at these recruitment fairs have provided us with great insights into how we can better attract and retain top talent. We’re excited to put these learnings into action and will continue to promote medcomms as a rewarding career choice. We’re enthusiastic about the journey ahead!

View our careers video to learn more about what a career in medcomms involves