In the ever-evolving world of healthcare and medical communications, attracting and retaining top talent is an ongoing challenge. Among the many stories of career transitions, there’s a small group of individuals who ventured out to explore different horizons and ultimately chose to return to nspm. These are our “boomerang employees,” and their choice to come back speaks volumes about what makes nspm an exceptional and fulfilling place to work.

Their journeys offer valuable insights into the extraordinary attributes that define our medical communications family. Here is what we learned about why they returned to nspm:

What attracted you to return to nspm? Are there any qualities or strengths that set us apart?

Gill: The supportive environment provided by nspm – the sense of team spirit. I felt supported by senior management both long-term, but crucially for me, also on a more day-to-day basis to help me improve and grow in my role. A sense of personalised care and attention really sets nspm apart. Also, well-established internal processes and structure that maintains quality was another reason to return.

Kelly: I appreciate more now the size of nspm – you have a good sense of the organisation of teams, you get the opportunity to know everyone, and understand how everyone works together and who’s responsible for what. For me this can’t be overstated – at nspm there is less time wasted contacting people when you have a question or need to find something, less energy spent on remembering who reports to whom and the culture of open communication makes everything easier to navigate. In addition, I really feel that individual circumstances are considered far more than with a larger company (or perhaps other medical writing agencies) would. I also think that nspm’s pride in, and the standards to which it holds itself regarding quality of work, more closely aligns with the kind of environment I prefer to work in. nspm’s long track record and frequent initiatives of self-evaluation and adaption to changing times (whether related to client work or internal functioning) are also positives for me.

What new experiences or perspectives did you gain that were of value?

Gill: Personally, I learned the true value of face-to-face communication with colleagues to create a sense of community within a company. The hybrid model that we have at nspm is perfect for that. I also gained a new appreciation for how a stable environment in an independent, medium-sized agency enables you to focus on and achieve your career goals.

Kelly: Seeing first-hand the inner workings of pharmaceutical research and development and experiencing the preparation of regulatory documents was incredibly useful in a technical sense. But more generally, this experience gave me a better understanding of the pressures and challenges our clients face. At my last company, I had to interact with and review work done by a different medical writing agency. The value of external medical writers who can pick up on the particularities of a specific therapeutic area, treatment, and/or dataset, and who are proactive in applying this information quickly became apparent.

What are your long-term career goals and how does your return align with these goals?

Gill: My long-term career goals are to enhance my technical expertise around visual communications and nspm has a very supportive attitude to personalized training which I am able to make the most of.

Kelly: There are many areas of medical writing in which I would like to gain experience and become skillful in – publications, visual communication, general public-oriented health communication, and regulatory writing. nspm offers the opportunity to work for different clients, different types of work, and different therapeutic areas, and I would very much like to make the most of that.

Speaking to Kelly and Gill confirmed that nspm is more than just a workplace; it’s a close-knit community. Our commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration across diverse project areas is ingrained in our everyday operations. Our people have the opportunity to gain unique perspectives by working on a spectrum of projects, allowing their skills to flourish in a dynamic and enriching environment. At nspm, you’re not just an employee; you’re an integral part of a collaborative and supportive family where your growth and contributions are truly valued.

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